9 Health Benefits of Bananas

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to inform you that bananas are healthy for you.  We’ve heard it all of our lives, much like the preaching we received growing up about eating our greens.

We’re not always told why something is good for us though.  So, for some enlightenment, According to old school new body fitness program here are 9 health benefits of bananas.

  • Energy Boost – Eating 2 bananas will give your body enough fuel to workout for an hour and a half!  They are also a good substitute for your mid-day coffee that last longer and without the crashing effects caused by caffeine!
  • Potassium Power – Due to their richness in potassium, they help the body’s circulatory system deliver oxygen to the brain.  This helps the body maintain a regular heartbeat and water balance within the body.  Potassium also helps reduce your potential of having a stroke and helps to regulate your blood pressure.  In addition, it helps to prevent muscle cramps you may get after exercising.
  • Banana Bowels? – Bananas help to end constipation.  Feel free to toss out the laxatives and go for a more healthy option.
  • Mood Enhancement – They can make you happier.  Perhaps not happy enough to dance through streets in the rain (which you may already do anyway), but they do help to improve your serotonin levels which helps your overall mood stay more positive.  They may even help with depression.
  • Iron Rich – Need more iron in your system?  Eat a banana.  This will help your blood clot faster if you’re cut or seriously injured.
  • Low in Calories – I don’t think I need to explain this concept to you calorie counters out there.  Bananas have about 110 calories.
  • Fiber – 1 banana has about 3 grams of fiber.  This can help you feel full longer and keep your digestive system running more smoothly.
  • Manganese – This is a good source for bone health and metabolism.  A medium banana provides about .3 milligrams.  Adults tend to need 1.8-2.3 milligrams a day.Fat and Cholesterol – Bananas are practically fat and cholesterol free.

With the 9 health benefits of bananas above taken into consideration, it’s apparent that they are one of the healthiest foods we have at our disposal.

Text Ex Back Bonuses

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How to Capture his heart

capture his heartHave you recently been wondering how you can return the fire to your relationship? I’ve seen time after time again that sometimes a lot of simple things are constantly overlooked. Let me fill you in on a few tips that can help you along on your mission to capture his heart.

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What is Paleo Diet?

the paleo cookbookLet’s face it. Every now and then you just want to loose these extra pounds. Diets are a topic that everyone has to deal with earlier or later in life but the huge amount of information online and in magazines  can be confusing. Before you make a choice on which paleo cookbook and paleo diet fits you best, you should get all the information you need from a reliable source. Whereas a lot of diets focus on low calorie intake and include unhealthy foods like diet soda or semi-prepared low calorie supermarket dishes high in additives, the Paleo diet works by following a nutrition style that already the very first humans on earth lived by.

Already the name of the diet, ‘Paleo’, which stands for Paleolithic is a reference to the Stone Age period. Other names for this diet are ‘Hunter Gatherer Diet’ or even ‘Cavemen diet’ because it advocates the consumption of food that could be hunted and gathered back in the days. So it bases on meats, seafood, fruits, nuts vegetables etc. And this diet regime takes a look at early humans prior to agriculture or animal husbandry and makes it work for our modern-day living.

So why should one be eating like in Stone Age times? According to paleo recipe book review the paleo diet works with the assumption that in our genetics we still remained the same, so foods that our ancestors consumed before the rise of agriculture are optimal for us. (more…)

Best boxing equipment for beginners

A beginner boxer just needs some essential equipment which tends to be inexpensive. The equipment is meant for both comfort and safety standpoints. Hand wraps- It is very essential that you use hand wraps to avoid hand injuries. It is also recommended that you have someone with experience show you how to properly use the hand wraps.

Your fingers must always be separated to allow them to move easily. The padding around the knuckles must be evenly distributed with no creases and very smooth. Boxing gloves- You will need to find comfortable fitting best boxing gloves that are fitted and snug. The long laces should not be tide too tightly and the extra lace should be tide around the glove at your wrist. Prior to fighting the lace tips must be cut off and the gloves should be coated with a thin layer of vaseline or petroleum jelly. (more…)

Magnetic messaging review- does it actually work?

texting-girlNot happy with your thumbs letting you down? So, what happens when you meet a girl, talk to her, may be even kiss her, get her number and text her But just when you text her she simply doesn’t reply. Well, for you guys out there the magnetic messaging review is here for your rescue. It is a really good guide to teach you all about messaging girls. The magnetic messaging is not just a guide that will stop you pushing girls away, but will help to draw them closer. Find it interesting? Keep reading to know more about this miraculous texting guide.

The first part of the magnetic messaging review is about the basic principles of phone game. Since phone game has become a crucial part in dating, this is exactly where most guys go wrong. If you want attractive dates, you need to improve your communication skill by understanding what works in your favor and what not Most of the guys make the biggest mistake of not striking emotion, being humorless and not flirtatious. So, magnetic messaging provides you all the tools and the keys to become interesting and exciting so that girls fall for you easily. (more…)

Introduction to The Tao Of Badass System

Every good man deserves to have a great woman beside him and The Tao of Badass System can show you how. If you have not been very successful in keeping or even getting into relationships, Joshua Pellicer, the author of The Tao of Badass System has put down all the secrets you need to know about dating women in this book.

The Tao of Badass system teaches men how to communicate, treat and flirt effectively with women. It contains many tips and insights which men can or may find helpful especially when they start dating or want to take their relationships to the next level. This book has pointers on how men

  • can avoid getting stuck within the “just friends zone”
  • can attract ladies without having the “I am wealthy” tag and using a lot of money to impress women
  • can learn how to read the minds of women
  • can better their body language when they are around women.

There are quite a number of helpful advices that The Tao of Badass has. What makes it stand out from other books of a similar kind is how Joshua presents all the information it contains. It is quite interesting and easy to read and understand. This book not only teaches men how to become confident but is also grows it in them and thereby leaves a lasting impact. It is broken down in a system that explains things in steps which gives you a permanent change the more you are able to internalize it. (more…)

Tao of Badass -Why you need to check it

The men in the world that are having a difficult time finding love may want to spend some time looking at tao of badass reviews. This may be exactly what they need to find love. Dating tips are always helpful and this could be the answer they have been looking for.

When you have a fear of approaching women you may never find that special someone. Therefore, you tao of badass pdf might be able to help you with this. You will certain find the answers that you have been looking for. Men have been using this information to help them overcome this fear and they have been successful.

Keeping a conversation can be difficult for shy men as well. The tao of badass program can even help you find a way to be successful at this. What you need to remember is that the according to the statements of others, this is a skill that you can learn and become good at. The more you practice the better you will be at it. (more…)

Does Your Tree Need Stockport Tree Surgeons For Cosmetic Surgery

Trees are beautiful things, like most human beings. But, also like some human beings, they develop rather nasty bits and pieces that should be removed to help the health of the tree. Best Stockport tree surgeons will be happy to give your tree a cosmetic overhaul should it have some bits and pieces that need plastic surgery. Does it have a branch which drives your neighbour mad once a year because it hangs over his fence and drops leaves everywhere in spring? No worries, just call Stockport tree surgeons and have them remove this bit of flab so neatly you would never know it was there.

Never heard of a tree surgeon? They are the best thing that can happen to a tree apart from good fertiliser, water and care. Using Stockport tree surgeons can give your beloved tree a new lease of life if it is not in the best of health. All through evolution, trees have befitted from a prune, either by Man or by nature. In storms, the weakest branches usually are taken off by wind and the tree grows stronger. Nature is usually a great tree surgeon, but sometimes you should not leave her to prune your trees because of the damage she can cause by doing so. (more…)

How to Flirt with a Girl

how to flirt with girlNowadays there is lot of ways and means on how to flirt with a girl. It is just like a game, you may win or you may lose. We have two levels of flirting, the teenage level and the adult category. This teenager is in the process of learning it, while the adult is trying to gauge on how to do it right. Technology also has its own way of flirting. A lot of websites that provide this kind of services, some for a fee and others are for free. Now here comes the telephone flirting and evolves through text via short message services from a mobile phone provider.

For teens flirting is just like a game or a part of growing up. This is the level that they want to experience everything. They usually go out in a group, go with friends in a party or maybe for a meeting with some girls. Sometimes they do it for fun or a bet to win some attention and attraction from the girls. It is also an advantage for them to do the flirting at an early age since they will learn more and experience a lot. The experiences they will have during this stage will not be considered as serious like adults have but it will help build up some confidence and strong personality that a girl wants. (more…)